This page is an endeavour to present all of the history articles on the CCCHS FACEBOOK page. The following index lists all facebook content as of April 2016. The articles themselves will be added in the coming weeks.

1 Canada 13-Sep-13 Dr. Henry Matthew "H.M. Evans Evans; Storing Evangelist Biography
2 Canada 24-Sep-13 Ozro "O.E." Tallman Tallman; Wallace Evangelist Biography
3 Canada 24-Sep-13 John "Madison" Wright White; Wright Evangelist Biography
4 Canada 24-Sep-13 Alfred E. Firth (Little Person) Firth Church Leader Biography
5 ON 27-Sep-13 Dr. Lily Jackson/Rogers (Little Person) Fry; Jackson; Rogers Woman Leader Biography
6 ON 27-Sep-13 Omagh Bible School photo of Lloyd Snure holding young Paul Dale; Promoting CCCHS FACEBOOK page Dale; Snure CCCHS Ad
7 Canada 28-Sep-13 Hugh Agnew "H.A." Rogers Rogers   Biography
8 BC 03-Oct-13 W.C. Shelley & Cora Marie (nee Snure) shelley Shelley Evangelist Biography
9 Canada 04-Oct-13 Horse & Buggy Evangelism - Photo of Lloyd Snure & Johnson Johnson; Snure Transportation Church History
10 NS 05-Oct-13 Maritime Bible & Literary College's Maple Leaf Singers Collins; Keffer; Tallman; Wallace  School School History
11 ON 06-Oct-13 1926 Meaford Ontario June Meeting   Church   Church History
12 Canada 07-Oct-13 CCCHS-Promoting Website   CCCHS Church History
13 ON 07-Oct-13 Gordon Dennis & John S. Whitfield Dennis; Whitfield Evangelist Biography
14 ON 08-Oct-13 (1950s) Stratford, Ontario church of Christ   Church Church History
15 ON 10-Oct-13 (1906) Toronto's Maplewood Ave church of Christ Hudson Church Church History
16 Canada 10-Oct-13 Charles Gordon "C.G." McPhee (Part 1) McPhee Evangelist Biography
17 Canada 11-Oct-13 Evelyn (nee Huffard) Perry  Perry Woman Leader Biography
18 Canada 13-Oct-13 Evangelist-Charles Gordon "C.G." McPhee (Part 4) McPhee Evangelist Biography
19 Canada 14-Oct-13 Evangelist-Dean Hotchkiss  Hotchkiss Evangelist Biography
20 Canada 17-Oct-13 "Magic Lantern" - Pioneering Power Point in 1906     Church History
21 Japan 17-Oct-13 Missionary-William "W.J." Bishop (Japan) Supported by Canadian churches Bishop Missionary Biography
22 NS 20-Oct-13 (1815) River John, N.S. church of Christ   Church Church History
23 Canada 20-Oct-13 Evangelist-William Flynn "W.F." Cox Cox Evangelist Biography
24 ON 20-Oct-13 (1855) Alexander Campbell visited Ontario Campbell Evangelist Biography
25 ON 20-Oct-13 Jura Ontario church of Christ; Wallace Culley  Culley Church Church History
26 Canada 21-Oct-13 Evangelist-Walter Dale & Paul Dale  Dale Evangelist Biography
27 India 21-Oct-13 Donald "Don" & Miriam (nee Cameron) Perry Perry Evangelist & Missionary Biography
28 Zambia 22-Oct-13 Evangelist & Missionary-Eugene C. Perry                 91 Years Young Perry Evangelist & Missionary Biography
29 Canada 22-Oct-13 Canadian Preachers 1900-1910-Part 1   Evangelist Biography
30 Canada 22-Oct-13 Canadian Preachers 1900-1910-Part 4   Evangelist Biography
31 Canada 22-Oct-13 Canadian Preachers 1900-1910-Part 5   Evangelist Biography
32 Canada 24-Oct-13 E. Gaston Collins Collins; Simm Evangelist Biography
33 ON 24-Oct-13 Dr. Eleanor Robinson Robinson Woman Leader Biography
34 ON 26-Oct-13 Omagh church of Christ (Exterior Building Photo) Beaty Church Church History
35 ON 26-Oct-13 Omagh church of Christ (Interior Building Photo) Beaty Church Church History
36 Canada 27-Oct-13 Jim and Carolyn Hawkins Hawkins Evangelist Biography
37 ON 27-Oct-13 William John "W.J." Cann Cann Evangelist Biography
38 ON 28-Oct-13 GLCC School of Bible & Missions (SBM) McPhee; Morritt; Pennington  School School History
39 ON 01-Nov-13 Muskoka Ontario's pre-1900 5 churches of Christ Crewson Church Church History
40 ON 03-Nov-13 Walter Dale - Part 1 (1917-1953) Dale; McNalty Evangelist Biography
41 ON 05-Nov-13 Harry & Frances Ann Bennetts Bennetts Evangelist Biography
42 NS 06-Nov-13 Disappearing Christians of Cornwallis County, Nova Scotia   Church Church History
43 Canada 07-Nov-13 Lloyd & Mabel (nee Johnson) Bailey Bailey; Johnson Evangelist & Missionary Biography
44 ON 07-Nov-13 William Forrester - Pioneering Evangelist Forrester Evangelist Biography
45 ON 09-Nov-13 Church-Cape Rich, Ontario church of Christ Cox Church Church History
46 ON 11-Nov-13 East Toronto church of Christ Builders-Edward Trout & Dr. Jennie (nee Gowanlock) Trout Gowanlock; Stirling; Trout Church Church History
47 Canada 12-Nov-13 Elder-Arthur E. Beamish & Flora (nee Neal) Beamish Beamish; Neal Church Leader Biography
48 ON 13-Nov-13 James Beaty (Jr.) Toronto's Mayor Beaty Evangelist Biography
49 NS 19-Nov-13 Maritime Bible & Literary College's Maple Leaf Singers Collins; Keffer; Tallman; Wallace  School School History
50 ON 19-Nov-13 Howard & Robena (nee Cann) Whitfield & Thessalon Ontario church of Christ Whitfield Church Leader Biography
51 Africa / Rhodesia 20-Nov-13 Mable (nee Rogers) Bailey & Leonard Bailey Bailey; Rogers Missionary Biography
52 ON 21-Nov-13 Ralph Charles McPhee "What might have been?" McPhee; Tallman Child Biography
53 ON 24-Nov-13 Bethel W. Bailey & Blanche Bailey Bailey Evangelist Biography
54 Canada 26-Nov-13 CCCHS-Request by Paul Linn Dale for Photos Dale CCCHS Church History
55 ON 27-Nov-13 (1887) Emma Falls-1st Person Baptized in Meaford's new church building Falls; Whitfield Member Biography
56 ON 28-Nov-13 Lillian Janetta (nee Gilbert) Whitfield (Widow of Evangelist Sam Whitfield) Falls; Gilbert; Whitfield Woman Leader Biography
57 ON 28-Nov-13 Omagh Bible School-Louis Pauls & John S. Whitfield Pauls; Whitfield School Biography
58 ON 30-Nov-13 Bruce Curtis Merritt & Frances Merritt Merritt Evangelist Biography
59 QC 01-Dec-13 Evangelist-Dr. Philip Pratley (Montreal, QC) Pratley Evangelist Biography
60 ON 02-Dec-13 Child-Oti Amy Bel Wright "I am Jesus Little Girl"  Evans; White; Wright Child Biography
61 ON 02-Dec-13 Niagara Falls church of Christ-4 Generations-Walter Dale, Henry Boland, Michael Tubbe, Sam Tubbe Boland; Dale; Tubbe Church   Biography
62 ON 03-Dec-13 Deacon-Clarence & Martha Whitfield Whitfield Church Leader Biography
63 ON 04-Dec-13 Edward G. Rockliffe-Advice for a New Father of a Baby Girl Rockcliffe Evangelist Biography
64 Canada 05-Dec-13 Canadian Churches of Christ & Christmas  (Part 1)   Church Church History
65 Ontario 08-Dec-13 Beamsville Bible School & Sim Malious "S.M." Jones (1902-1909)-Part 1 Jones School School History
66 Canada 13-Dec-13 J.C. Bailey's 1937 Viewpoint on Celebrating Christmas Bailey Evangelist Church History
67 Canada 15-Dec-13 Evangelist-Wilfred & Pearl (nee Perry) Orr Orr Evangelist Biography
68 NS 16-Dec-13 Nova Scotian Christmas Celebration Evans Church Church History
69 ON 17-Dec-13 Harriet Ann (nee Trout) Stirling & East Toronto church of Christ Stirling Woman Leader Biography
70 ON 18-Dec-13 Evangelist-J.C. Bailey & Woodgreen Ontario cofC Bailey Evangelist Biography
71 Canada 19-Dec-13 Birnie Hotchkiss & Della (nee Bailey) Hotchkiss Bailey; Hotchkiss Member Biography
72 SK 21-Dec-13 Radville Christian College-Spring 1953 Graduation Photo   School School History
73 ON 22-Dec-13 Joan (nee Tallman) Jones Jones; Tallman Member Biography
74 ON 27-Dec-13 Sam Whitfield South Western Ontario Circuit Evangelist (1904-1925) Falls; Gilbert; Whitfield Evangelist Biography
75 SK 30-Dec-13 Saskatchewan churches of Christ (1890-2013) Bailey; Orr; Rogers Church Church History
76 ON 01-Jan-14 (1954) Black preacher Marshall Keeble Held Meetings in Beamsville Ontario  Ellis; Keeble Evangelist Biography
77 Canada 03-Jan-14 Eugene Perry & Evelyn (nee Huffard) Perry Perry Evangelist & Missionary Biography
78 PEI 05-Jan-14 Church-Prince Edward Island churches of Christ   Church Church History
79 SK 06-Jan-14 Radville Saskatchewan church of Christ Orr Church Church History
80 ON 07-Jan-14 Omagh Bible School; Geoff Ellis Ellis School School History
81 SK 08-Jan-14 Kisbey Saskatchewan church of Christ   Church Church History
82 ON 10-Jan-14 Church-Vandeleur church of Christ Cornfield; Petch; Church Church History
83 ON 13-Jan-14 U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt's Visit to Manitoulin Island in the 1940s McKenzie; Roosevelt; Tallman Church Church History
84 Canada 14-Jan-14 CCCHS-Paul Linn Dale - Historical Accuracy Dale Church Church History
85 ON 15-Jan-14 Euphrasia/Frog's Hollow church of Christ Cann; Elford; Parker; Seabrook; Whitfield Church Church History
86 BC 20-Jan-14 Church-Vancouver,B.C.'s 24 church locations Wright Church Church History
87 ON 16-Jan-14 1926 Washing Machine Ad - CMR - Yake Family of Toronto Yake Church Leader Biography
88 SK 20-Jan-14 Woman Leader-Miss Lillian Torkelson Torkelson Woman Leader Biography
89 BC 20-Jan-14 Vancouver, B.C. churches (1905-2014) Wright Church Church History
90 BC 21-Jan-14 Church-Victoria B.C. Churches (1905-2014);  Wright Church Church History
91 World 21-Jan-14 Philanthropists-Art & Val Fleming Fleming Church Leader Biography
92 Canada 22-Jan-14 Evangelist - Roy & Nelle Merritt  Merritt Evangelist Biography
93 MB 25-Jan-14 Henry C. Trindle-Manitoba's Cree born church of Christ preacher Trindle Evangelist Biography
94 ON 26-Jan-14 H.F. "Bert" Thompson's Family History with Orville Wright Thompson; Whitelaw Evangelist Biography
95 ON 27-Jan-14 Jacob Snure & Ontario's Restoration Movement (1830s-1877) Bradt; Snure Church Leader Biography
96 NS 31-Jan-14 Nova Scotia churches of Christ (1800s-1899)   Church Church History
97 AB 03-Feb-14 Alberta churches of Christ (1906-2013)   Church Church History
98 Canada 03-Feb-14 Oliver & Sadie Tallman  Tallman Church Leader Biography
99 AB 05-Feb-14 Ora O.H. Tallman & Hanna Alberta church of Christ (1913) Tallman Evangelist Biography
100 Canada 06-Feb-14 Dr. Philip L. Pratley of Montreal & Hazel (nee Goatcher) Hibbard  Hibbard; Pratley Evangelist Biography
101 QC 08-Feb-14 Quebec churches of Christ (1893-2014) Jennings; Mazzalongo; Pratley; Timmerman Church Church History
102 SK 11-Feb-14 (1967) Western Christian College  Ad   School School History
103 ON 11-Feb-14 (1967) Great Lakes Christian College Ad   School School History
104 NFLD 13-Feb-14 Steve May & Phyllis (nee Whitfield) - Newfoundland/Labrador Church Pioneers May; Whitfield Evangelist Biography
105 ON 14-Feb-14 Thomas Ward "Tom" Bailey & Edith Clementine (nee Cann) Bailey Bailey Evangelist Biography
106 ON 16-Feb-14 (1902-1942)Toronto's Bathurst St. church of Christ  Campbell Church Church History
107 SK 18-Feb-14 Radville Christian College Ad   School School History
108 ON 29-Mar-14 (1842) James Buchanan & Niagara Falls Ont 1st church of Christ (1842-1851) Buchanan Church Biography 
109 Canada 06-Apr-14 Church Horse sheds    Church Church History
110 ON 13-Apr-14 (1880s) Stratford Ontario's 1st church of Christ & Edgar Macklin Macklin Church Biography
111 SK 14-Apr-14 (1950s) Radville Christian College's 1950s Sports Day Parade   School School History
112 ON 16-Apr-14 (1975) Georgian Bay's "King's Courier's) Acapella Singing Group Craddock; Cramp; MacDonald; Page Church Church History
113 ON 18-Apr-14 Gordon & Dorothy (nee Bailey) Dennis - 60 Year Evangelistic Team (1954-2014) Bailey; Dennis Evangelist Biography
114 ON 21-Apr-14 (1905) J.T. Lewis & the Bayview Ontario (Georgian Bay) church of Christ   Lewis Evangelist Biography
115 Canada 29-Apr-14 Ozro "O.E." Tallman & Mabel (nee Wallace) Tallman (1883-1930) Tallman Evangelist Biography
116 ON 30-Apr-14 Clinton Township church of Christ (Beamsville) (1832-1890s) Culp; Wiers Church Church History
117 ON 05-May-14 Geoffrey H. Ellis & Doreen (nee Begley) Ellis (Part 2) Ellis Evangelist Biography
118 SK 12-May-14 (1945) Wilfred Orr & Magnar Knutson Saskatchewan Evangelism Orr Evangelist Biography
119 ON 15-May-14 Elder - Harvey Parker - (1923-2014) OBIT Cann; Parker Church Leader Biography
120 Canada 18-May-14 Log Homes, Log Schools, Log church buildings-church of Christ Meeting Places   Church History - Church
121 World 25-May-14 E. Gaston Collins & Family (Book Review) Collins Evangelist Biography; (Book Review)
122 World 28-May-14 Herbert Dale; Sinking of the "Empress of Ireland" Steamship Dale Church Leader Biography
123 World 30-May-14 William Clinton Brazle - Happy 90th Birthday Brazle Evangelist Biography
124 World 02-Jun-14 Andy T. Ritchie 3rd & Canadian Church History Ritchie Evangelist Biography
125 Canada 05-Jun-14 Dan Wieb & Dorothy (nee Stebbings) Wieb  Stebbings; Wieb Evangelist Biography
126 World 07-Jun-14 Blake Ogilvie & WW2's D-day Activities in June 1944 Ogilvie Church Leader Biography
127 ON 11-Jun-14 Eliza (nee McMillan) Trout & Wiarton Ont church of Christ (1877-1910s)  McMillan; Stirling; Trout Woman Leader Biography
128 SK 12-Jun-14 Western Christian College - Aerial Photo   School School History
129 ON 12-Jun-14 Samuel Whitfield & Don Smith - Beamsville Evangelists (1800s-2014) Smith; Whitfield Evangelist Biography
130 SK 14-Jun-14 Saskatchewan Church History & the Charles Perry Family Perry Church   Biography
131 Canada 17-Jun-14 Preaching in the Horse & Buggy Days - A Dangerous Occupation?   Transportation Church History
132 Canada 19-Jun-14 Paul Linn Dale - General Posting about church history Dale CCCHS General Church History
133 ON 19-Jun-14 (1960) Windsor Ont "Curry Street" church of Christ & Dr. John Bailey Bailey Church  Church History 
134 World 21-Jun-14 Evangelist - Ralph Perry & the Rome Italy church of Christ (1951) Perry Evangelist Biography 
135 ON 22-Jun-14 Church leader - Lloyd Clarence Whitfield (1925-2014) - Obit Seabrook; Whitfield Church Leader Biography
136 ON 25-Jun-14 Northern Ontario's Thessalon church of Christ (1907-1914) Bailey; Cann; Seabrook; Whitfield Church Church History
137 QC 28-Jun-14 Northern Quebec Evangelism-(1930s-1940s) Tom W. Bailey & Philip Goatcher Bailey; Cann; Goatcher Church Biography 
138 SK 29-Jun-14 Wawota SK church of Christ - Verna (nee Perry) & Walter Husband  Husband; Perry Church Biography
139 ON 02-Jul-14 Hamilton church of Christ & Eli Hoyt Mallory (1869-1882) Mallory Church Church History
140 Canada 05-Jul-14 Evangelist - James Beaty Sr. (1798-1892) MP in Canada's 1st Parliament (1867) Beaty Evangelist Biography
141 ON 05-Jul-14 Omagh Ontario church of Christ (1850s-2014) Beaty Church Church History
142 BC 08-Jul-14 British Columbia Evangelists (1905-2014)   Evangelist Church History
143 NS 09-Jul-14 Nova Scotia Evangelists (1880s-1955)   Evangelist Church History
144 ON 10-Jul-14 Northern Ontario Evangelists (1875-1925)   Evangelist Church History
145 World 15-Jul-14 Evangelist - Lynn Anderson - 60 Years of Evangelism in 2014 Anderson Evangelist Biography
146 SK 27-Jul-14 Saskatchewan church of Christ Locations (1890-2014)   Church Church History
147 World 02-Aug-14 Missionary - David Hallet - Canada's Unknown India Missionary (1963-1990s) Hallet Evangelist & Missionary Biography
148 ON 05-Aug-14 Ontario's Wellington County churches of Christ (1830s-2014) Black Church Church History
149 Canada 10-Aug-14 CCCHS - Invitation to  Annual Meeting in Toronto - August 16th, 2014   CCCHS Invitation for Meeting
150 Canada 24-Dec-14 Manitoba's First Nations 1928 Christmas & Canadian cofC's Who Assisted Trindle Church Church History
151 Canada 15-Jan-15 Smithville ON church of Christ & Tallman Family (1850s-1950s) Ellis; Huntsman; Tallman Church Church History
152 MB & SK 27-Feb-15 (1906-1930) Canadian Prairie Winter Evangelism  Bailey; Orr; Rogers; Watterworth Evangelist Church History
153 Canada 09-Mar-15 Evangelists  4 Generations-William Johnson; George M. Johnson; David M. Johnson; Tim Johnson. Johnson Evangelist Biography 
154 AB 26-Mar-15 Edmonton (Strathcona) Alberta's 1st (Acapella) church of Christ (1906)   Church Church History
155 ON 20-Apr-15 Tintern church of Christ's Innovative Approach to Evangelism - Radio in 1928   Church Church History
156 World 27-Apr-15 Vernon C. Fry, Ford Motor Company & the Selkirk Ont church of Christ Ford; Fry Church Leader Biography
157 ON 03-May-15 (1940-1956) A History of Sault Ste. Marie Ontario church of Christ  Bailey; Hotchkiss Church History - Church; Bio
158 Canada 09-May-15 "Happy Mother's Day" - Stories of Canadian Church Mothers Foreman; McMillan Church Biography
159 ON 13-May-15 Evangelist-Henry Boland-"Goodbye My Friend" - OBIT & Bio Boland Evangelist Biography
160 ON 18-May-15 Niagara Falls Ontario Church History (1842-2015) Boland; Buchanan; Dale; Ellis; Wright Church Church History
161 NS 28-May-15 Halifax church of Christ (Part 1 1832 to 1962) Bailey; Hart; Murray Church Church History
162 ON 02-Jun-15 Ontario June Meetings (1843-1995)   Church Church History
163 MB 13-Jun-15 A History of Early Manitoba June Meetings    Church Church History
164 SK 21-Jun-15 Weyburn Saskatchewan church of Christ (Part 1 1908-1967)   Church Church History
165 ON/Canada 05-Jul-15 Evangelist - Walter "W.F." Neal's 9 Manitoulin Island Missions (1902-1911) Neal Evangelist Biography; Church History
166 World 15-Jul-15 Freddie Woodruff-1970s GLCC Teacher-CIA Agent Murdered in 1993 Woodruff Member Biography
167 Canada 15-Feb-16 Canadian Churches of Christ Magazines (1870s-1936) Beaty; Evans; Oliphant Magazine Publication Church History
168 Canada 26-Feb-16 GOSPEL HERALD Magazine - 80 years old - (1936-2016) Bailey; Craddock; Merritt; Sinclair; Turner Magazine Publication Church History
169 World 14-Mar-16 Missionaries-Canada's 3 Perry Brothers...Missionaries to India...Nigeria...Zambia Cameron; Dale; Huffard; Perry Evangelist & Missionary Biography
170 Canada 22-Mar-16 Invitation to Attend the CCCHS Annual Meeting on August 20th, 2016   CCCHS Invitation for Meeting
171 Canada 02-Apr-16 Canada's 3 Distinct Bailey Families Bailey Evangelist Biography
172 Canada 07-Apr-16 Evangelist - Ed & Virginia Broadus-Church Historian (Books Reviews) Broadus Evangelist & Historian Biography; 2 Book Reviews
173 ON 19-Apr-16 Ontario's Niagara Region 39 Churches of Christ & Mission Points   Church Church History